Usage patterns….

When you create a random blog like this one… link it to no one, fail to include favorites and blogrolls and all the other tricks to generate traffic…what is it that actually gets people to your site and when?

This blog is only a few weeks old and for its first 8 or 9 days in existence remained view free….then all of a sudden, it registered on the radar and some people found it. I put that down to the tags I had attached to some posts… then I realised that it had something to do with the title of the post that is rating as the most viewed….(a title that I guess was a trifle misleading as it was something I thought was cool… but I am sure no one else did!)

I took a look at the stats again tonight and realised that my blog and I were on our way to another week or so of no views…but with a weekend approaching, I think that the “born again virgin status” is again under threat. Timing has a great deal to do with whether you get traffic or not. The weekends appear to be blog surfing time….I wonder whether this theory will be substantiated by an increased hit count over the weekend!


Life gets…..

…. in the way of keeping up with some of the things I had proposed to try and research and experiment with over the last week. Damn, its a nuisance when you actually have to work!

I am soooo disappointed that my second attempt at becoming a “born again virgin” status site has been sabotaged. The site will be getting a reputation as somewhat of a floozy if people keep popping in.

There are no explorations or edits or new ways of doing things to report on as I have not had the time to be here. No…. I should correct that statement – I discovered that it is in fact true that each PAGE has its own exclusive gallery that can be posted in full, sorted and otherwise played with as distinct from other galleries already on the site. I managed to find the time to try it out on the friend’s site (which uses the Sweet Blossoms template) and it worked!

Back to counting…

…. I’m going to try for another period of nothingness. After all, you can’t regain a virgin status.. …..once it is gone, it is gone. However, I am practicing keeping my head down… from now on, nothing provocative in the titles or the tags for these posts.

Since the three hits, three days have transpired hit free, so now the aim is to surpass the first round score of however many days it was hit free….some time later I will go and look at the stats and work it out!


My cover is blown…..

It seems that the tag might have been the clue – in the last post I made I used the tag “photo gallery”. It would seem that others have the same interest in finding out how its done… or perhaps were just cruising through for something to perv at and clicked on the previous post.

Oh well, the virgin status is very definitely wrecked now. Two in the one day and one the next….that’s all most a gang bang!

Having cruised through the FAQ’s with respect to posting galleries… it appears that for each page that is created, there is the option of a gallery exclusive to that page. I am yet to test the theory but if that is the case, then part of my problem is solved as I can quite happily create a separate page with a separate gallery for each product area….should solve the problem nicely.

I found that the gallery can be quite easily sorted using a click and drag to reorder the pics as I want them to appear….all in all, so far it works quite well for the needs of the friends and their site.

This is sooooo cool!

I cannot believe how long a blog can lurk under the covers, so the speak, before no one falls over it… even accidentally!

Anyway… gallery posting….I have been putting together a gallery of pics for a given page on the blog… I am wondering if I can create more than one gallery on a given blog. The gallery is the most effective way of posting a large number of pics, but I need different parts to appear in different places…I’m wondering how to go about that. I’m sure there is a way – at this point to obvious answer isn’t leaping out and grabbing me.

I’m also wondering if there is a way of uploading in batches rather than one at a time….

FAQ’s here I come!

Posting a gallery

We ramble on through week two and still virgin in status….this is so good!

Today I experimented with posting pictures to one of the sites and discovered the fact that I could upload to the gallery a number of pictures and then post the gallery as a whole on the page…. a much better process than trying to upload one pic at a time…. expecially as I will probably have hundreds of pics to put on this site.

The next thing I have to ascertain is whether I can have more than one gallery…..

Into the second week….

…….. and the site has retained its virgin status.

Things have become a little busy around the R/W of late so plans to experiment with things like inserting a video into a post have been put on hold for the time being.

However it is my intention to get to play with a few features like that over the next couple of days. In the meantime, I need to get my head around using PayPal’s shopping cart software. Might shuffle off over to the forums and have a peek to see whether anyone has anything to say in terms that a total novice can comprehend.