Life gets…..

…. in the way of keeping up with some of the things I had proposed to try and research and experiment with over the last week. Damn, its a nuisance when you actually have to work!

I am soooo disappointed that my second attempt at becoming a “born again virgin” status site has been sabotaged. The site will be getting a reputation as somewhat of a floozy if people keep popping in.

There are no explorations or edits or new ways of doing things to report on as I have not had the time to be here. No…. I should correct that statement – I discovered that it is in fact true that each PAGE has its own exclusive gallery that can be posted in full, sorted and otherwise played with as distinct from other galleries already on the site. I managed to find the time to try it out on the friend’s site (which uses the Sweet Blossoms template) and it worked!


Author: Robbie

There's a whole new direction to the creative pursuits undertaken by Robbie - writing, photography, genealogy, gardening and, just because she can, a return to study at university. Still dabbling in textiles, volunteering, tutoring and solving the design dilemmas of her students.

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