Usage patterns….

When you create a random blog like this one… link it to no one, fail to include favorites and blogrolls and all the other tricks to generate traffic…what is it that actually gets people to your site and when?

This blog is only a few weeks old and for its first 8 or 9 days in existence remained view free….then all of a sudden, it registered on the radar and some people found it. I put that down to the tags I had attached to some posts… then I realised that it had something to do with the title of the post that is rating as the most viewed….(a title that I guess was a trifle misleading as it was something I thought was cool… but I am sure no one else did!)

I took a look at the stats again tonight and realised that my blog and I were on our way to another week or so of no views…but with a weekend approaching, I think that the “born again virgin status” is again under threat. Timing has a great deal to do with whether you get traffic or not. The weekends appear to be blog surfing time….I wonder whether this theory will be substantiated by an increased hit count over the weekend!


Author: Robbie

There's a whole new direction to the creative pursuits undertaken by Robbie - writing, photography, genealogy, gardening and, just because she can, a return to study at university. Still dabbling in textiles, volunteering, tutoring and solving the design dilemmas of her students.

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