Bed Bound

I have been absent from home base for a while with work, and on my return have been stricken with disease… the instructions are to take it easy and rest. PAH! There is one thing I hate about being sick and that is being stuck in bed having no fun at all!

However, it has given me the opportunity to catch up on the blog postings and see just what is happening in cyberworld. How pleased I am to note that I am still under the radar and no one gives a wizard’s dick about whether or not I post here!

I must do a count back and see how close I am to cracking the one month barrier….. I can’t be far off it!

Way To Go!

Eighteen days and not a single view!

I am soooooooo pleased!

I know….small things amuse small minds. However, the sole purpose of this record/blog/experiment was purely personal. There was no need to share it or to have feedback of any kind – seemed a bit pointless making every post private – therefore I just hoped it would stay under the radar and slip quietly into obscurity.

With any luck, its hit the iceberg and is lost with all hands… so now I can muse, mumble, fiddle and fumble with no one looking over my shoulder!