This blog has managed to escape any viewing traffic for a month (yay!!! new record!) – yet the spam filter has blocked 13 spam comments to the site.  The site has only received 10 views in its life span but somehow or another it has attracted the attention of the spammers….and has had more spam blocked than it has had views!

Some may think that 13 spam comments being blocked isn’t all that many.  In my world it is significant.  I have four blogs of my own and a further three I administer for others – none of them have attracted the spammers attention as this one has.  I am “lucky” that two of them have had one spam comment each stopped….the others are spam free zones.

Is this one of those things that reflects how the tags and categories assigned to posts generate traffic to your blog?  If it is, it is the sort of traffic I could do without!


Author: Robbie

There's a whole new direction to the creative pursuits undertaken by Robbie - writing, photography, genealogy, gardening and, just because she can, a return to study at university. Still dabbling in textiles, volunteering, tutoring and solving the design dilemmas of her students.

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