Oh dear…

It seems that I am stuck in a loop to be offered home owners insurance and various forms of poker.  In the case of the games, it all comes from the one source.  Seeing as it has been kicked off to the spam catcher, why is it the spam catcher is not “learning” and stopping it?

There were another 8 overnight – same thing over and over…..sigh!

The born again virgin status was shattered again… at least this time there were some real life visitors…or maybe not.  Given that I don’t care to be read at all, it seems a bit strange that anyone should be the least interested in viewing more than the home page, yet at least three of those viewers went looking through.  They must have been very disappointed at the “nothingness” of this blog!


Author: Robbie

There's a whole new direction to the creative pursuits undertaken by Robbie - writing, photography, genealogy, gardening and, just because she can, a return to study at university. Still dabbling in textiles, volunteering, tutoring and solving the design dilemmas of her students.

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