So far…

… so good.

The rest of the blogs seems to be safe from attention.  I am curious as to what the most recent views are looking for….like me, are they wondering about the efficiency of the spam filtering learninjg process?  It appears to me that it seems to take its time.

Sadly, tagging my posts has generated more traffic on my “under the radar” blog.  I have had no time for playing about with other features yet.  One observation that I must make, however, is that I am far more impressed with WordPress than I am with eBlogger.

I have two blogs ‘over there’ – I don’t get any spam filtering built in, nor do I get any stats….pictures need to loaded one at a time – no gallery feature that I have been able to find.  And the range of templates?  Not as good as here…. so thumbs up, WordPress!


Author: Robbie

There's a whole new direction to the creative pursuits undertaken by Robbie - writing, photography, genealogy, gardening and, just because she can, a return to study at university. Still dabbling in textiles, volunteering, tutoring and solving the design dilemmas of her students.

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