Generating movement …

I create and administer a number of other blogs which have deliberately been designed to behave like web sites… ie they have a fixed front page.  The big issue is how to encourage people to navigate away from the front page to items of interest within the site as my stats are telling me that many people don’t get past the first page.

It appears that having too much text on the front page is a turn off… they want pictures! So I considered using a text box widget to create and advertisement for the content of the blog!  I am going to give it a shot here first.. and if it works I will try it on the main blog.

OK…. this can be done but the size of the image is important… thumbnails are advised… first attempt is HUGE!!!

I made the mistake of just copying the image URL into the text box… it is important to add the code otherwise the picture wil not show….. <img src=”http;//yourimageurl……….“>