Thank you for Supporting History to Country Victoria

Have you considered supporting a project that would otherwise not happen without broader community contribution?

It has always bothered me that so much of the digitization of our historic records is carried out by overseas entities who then charge us for the privilege of being able to view them.

I am pleased to be able to support this digitization project where the work will be carried out by Australians in Australia!

Thank you for Supporting History to Country Victoria.

Its Spamming again….

Despite all my best intentions, I have been a little lax of late in cleaning up the spam comments on a couple of other WordPress sites.  Prompted to do some house keeping, I was amused to note that instead of repeated attempts to have me send money or gamble away my life savings on dubious real estate deals, I am now being repeatedly messaged in French!

French is a lovely language, but it seems porno, orgasm, video and other similar words are the same the world over.  Bit odd though – trying to sell porn to a site that clearly is designed to cater to textile artists.  Spambots clearly have no “smarts” when it comes to picking their targets!