Way Back Wednesday

Wednesday 28 November 1894 – Bendigo Advertiser

Maldon death

Elsewhere in this article (a collection of news snippets from country areas) it was reported that, earlier in the week, the temperature had reached 112°F.  This high temperature had been only one of a week’s worth of temperatures over the 100°F mark for the small town of Bridgewater located not all that far north of Maldon.

It comes as no surprise that the youth of Maldon would have been seeking respite in the dams.





Returning from the Wilderness

Its been a while.


Finishing a renovation, closing a business, selling a house, buying another and, of course, moving – all these things have contributed to a hiatus.


That’s changing now.


I have more street art pictures for “Wordless Wednesday”, I have snippets from newspapers that are about my new home town and there is definitely a little more time to spend writing.