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My Great great grandmother was Lucy Jane Banks – born in Bootle, West Derby, Lancashire in February 1839.  By the time she died, she had migrated firstly to New Zealand and then to Australia and settling in Footscray, Vic.

Lucy as a young woman in Liverpool
Lucy as a young woman in Liverpool

Amongst the family treasures are photographs of her family in Liverpool, examples of her needlework and her own school book all of which she had brought with her from England.   The journey from England to New Zealand was uneventful until the ship neared the Southern Ocean where its masts were damaged in a storm.  The master of the ship continued to sail to New Zealand, where reports of near wrecking were recounted by the grateful passengers when they finally made landfall in Auckland harbour.  The ship was so overdue that little hope of their survival was held. To still have these precious items is quite remarkable considering just how difficult the journey had been.

Lucy - part of a group of pictures that seem to have been taken just prior to the family's departure for New Zealand
Lucy – part of a group of pictures that seem to have been taken just prior to the family’s departure for New Zealand


Lucy, her husband William and their two surviving daughters (including my great grandmother) relocated to Footscray in Melbourne in the early 1880’s. Two of her sons joined the family at a later date.  One remained in New Zealand for the rest of his life.


In her final years in Footscray... my grandmother recalled her looking just like this.
In her final years in Footscray, Vic … my grandmother recalled her looking just like this.

Lucy Jane Banks: born 21 Feb 1839 in Lancashire UK, married William Dixon 17 Nov 1857 at Walton on the Hill, UK and died 22 February 1910 at her home, 22 Charles Street, Footscray, Vic and was buried the next day in the Boroondara General Cemetery, Kew.


All images shown here are from the Stockfeld/Richardson Family collection. Please request permission to use these images and an archival quality file will be supplied by the author.


Author: Robbie

There's a whole new direction to the creative pursuits undertaken by Robbie - writing, photography, genealogy, gardening and, just because she can, a return to study at university. Still dabbling in textiles, volunteering, tutoring and solving the design dilemmas of her students.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday”

  1. Hello Robbie Gertrude Margaret Richardson was my great grandmother. Dorothy Una Orphelia was my grandfathers sister. This is great news. Aunty Dorothy McNamara is 94 and still living. She grew up with her grandmother and her Aunty Dorothy Una Orphelia.
    Carol Leary

  2. Hello Carol,

    Nice to make contact with you. Lucy’s daughter and our great grandmother’s name was Gertrude Alice Dixon. She first married William Andrew Richardson and had three children – Roy Fairfax, Douglas Lincoln Kirkby and Dorothy Una Ophelia (My grandmother). After William’s death, she married George Charles Shallard. I am presuming your grandfather was Roy Fairfax Richardson?



  3. Hello Robbie
    I am not too familiar with blogs. I thought I sent a reply but not sure where I did so. Please excuse me if I have repeated. Two years ago my three sisters and I went Melbourne and trained it out to Footscray. We wanted to see where our grandparents grew up. It was a freezing day and we did not spend a lot of time walking around but found where the Forsberg and the Richardson families lived. I asked Aunty Dorothy (McNamara) if she had any photos of Gertrude Alice and William Andrew but she didn’t. Aunty lives in a retirement village at Maryborough outside Balllarat. Her son Kevin lives close by. I have a photo of Sydney Richardson. Roy Fairfax moved to Queensland and married Evelyn Forsberg in Brisbane and moved around a bit. They grew up here in the north. After the war dad was the only one that remained here.
    Like you Robbie I am more interested in family trees having their stories rather the numbers. I enjoyed your pancake story.
    Do you live in Melbourne? I sighted the beautiful wedding photo of your grandmother and showed my sisters. My sister Narelle has a daughter who lives in London and gas been there for 23 years. Thank you for this discovery Robbie.

  4. Hi Carol,

    I have sent you an email with some more details and a picture ….. Would love to collaborate further on filling in some of the stories!


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