Wednesday’s Handy Research Hint

Only those of a certain age would remember using the letter/number combination codes for suburbs in Melbourne, Victoria… codes like E 7 – which is Canterbury (now 3126).  If you remember them, you might not remember to what suburb or area they referred. I remember seeing letters where no suburb was given in the address, just the letter/number code.

If, like me, you love trawling through the Electoral Rolls for information on the long past whereabouts of your ancestors, addresses using this form of postal code were common in the period from the late 1920’s up to 1967.  In 1967, postal codes as are used today were introduced.

Perhaps you have some old correspondence: letters, postcards, bills, receipts – anything that might have an address on it using these codes instead of the suburb name.

What does the code mean?

So how do you know what letter/number combination referred to what suburb?

Well, folks, Wikipedia to the rescue! They have this great entry listing suburbs and codes ….. problem solved!

Letter/Number postal codes – Melbourne, Vic

From the site:

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