The main purpose of this particular blog is to test out layouts and designs before launching them into cyberspace on behalf of others…..Its a way of looking at how information can be delivered in a manner that is reflective of the real world site owners yet still be accessible to the net savvy online experts amongst us!

I am no expert when it comes to this type of work, yet I find that many people of similar age, educational background and experience recognise the need to get an online presence yet are not able or interested enough to take the plunge. I might only have a limited grasp of the finer points, but I’m here and they’re not! I plan to help them change that!


July 2013

In five years, much has changed and cyberworld has grown in leaps and bounds.  There is so much more to know and learn.  There are just as many people out there wanting assistance to make their first foray into the world of the web and I am still helping in that transition.

Its been a big step to go from one on one assistance with setting up a Faceboook profile to speaking at workshops and seminars on using Social Media for Family History, Genealogy and local history research but here I am.  Where next?

June 2017

Another four years and I have ventured into the world of online education as a student and have successfully completed a Diploma of Family History.  These days I can be found supporting local residents with their IT issues – whether its a smart phone, tablet or laptop that needs sorting or tricky downloads that won’t open to print, I’m regularly challenged.  There have been workshops and classes to teach in digital skills, family history research and navigating Ancestry, and all the while, the search for my own family’s story continues.