How hard is it to recover a password? Every time I try to access a particular site, I have this issue….and the information I have stored regarding the password seems to be incorrect.
So I did what anyone would do…I used the password recovery process available on the site. I was supposed to get an email telling me how I could change my password. No email. I have checked the spam filters of EVERY ONE of the email addresses I have and there’s no email.
Wanting site access (this site is free BTW – they just like to have you signed up so that you are counted in their dbase for their nefarious purposes) I elected to create a new account. Part way through the set up process, I discovered that it had been unsurprising that I couldn’t sign in as neither of the recorded options for passwords fitted their current criteria for length.

I completed the process only to be politely informed IN RED that my account already exists. This is clearly the account that I can’t access as the password is too short and where a recovery request results in nothing.




Drawing Board, where are you? I need to get back to you!


Generating movement …

I create and administer a number of other blogs which have deliberately been designed to behave like web sites… ie they have a fixed front page.  The big issue is how to encourage people to navigate away from the front page to items of interest within the site as my stats are telling me that many people don’t get past the first page.

It appears that having too much text on the front page is a turn off… they want pictures! So I considered using a text box widget to create and advertisement for the content of the blog!  I am going to give it a shot here first.. and if it works I will try it on the main blog.

OK…. this can be done but the size of the image is important… thumbnails are advised… first attempt is HUGE!!!

I made the mistake of just copying the image URL into the text box… it is important to add the code otherwise the picture wil not show….. <img src=”http;//yourimageurl……….“>

Blog security

I have not given a thought to ensuring a level of security for my registration information for this blog until I read a post by one of the WordPress team.

As I rarely ever operate outside the closed network at home base, I have my computer configured for ease of personal access.  I don’t use other people’s machines, internet cafes or the like to access my personal sites.  I certainly would never consider accessing any of my financial institutions on a public terminal.

I read with interest about ticking the right boxes in the following WordPress Announcement in order to protect your blog from hackers.

Only last week a friend had his site (a WordPress upgraded number) hacked and effectively destroyed by someone who was deliberately targeting him.  He missed that security notice…. I wonder how many others have as well.

Incoming Links

I now have an incoming link from another blog….what did I do to deserve this?

It seems I dared to ponder out loud (well, in writing anyway!) the spam filter system that is part of the WordPress set up.  Someone called Dave has entered that system’s name into a search facility and bingo!  my post appears.  Seems he thought it worthy enough to place a link to it in his report about the spam filter (to which he gives the thumbs up!)

Thanks for the link, Dave…. I wonder what difference it will make to my blog traffic now?  I wonder whether my offers for home insurance and blackjack/texasholdall/poker will now sky rocket as a result!  Yes folks, for all the good reports the system receives, it still thinks I should be gambling!


is supposed to learn or so it tells us in the instructions regarding spam filtering….

If this is so, why is it that another of my blogs has now been targetted by the same spammers selling online gambling and home insurance?  These blogs are in no way linked or related.  Their content has nothing to do with either subject….and when they have appeared here, they have been dealt with in the manner instructed.

It appears that the spammers are one up on the filtering system in some way or another…. let’s hope they leave the rest of them alone!

Oh dear…

It seems that I am stuck in a loop to be offered home owners insurance and various forms of poker.  In the case of the games, it all comes from the one source.  Seeing as it has been kicked off to the spam catcher, why is it the spam catcher is not “learning” and stopping it?

There were another 8 overnight – same thing over and over…..sigh!

The born again virgin status was shattered again… at least this time there were some real life visitors…or maybe not.  Given that I don’t care to be read at all, it seems a bit strange that anyone should be the least interested in viewing more than the home page, yet at least three of those viewers went looking through.  They must have been very disappointed at the “nothingness” of this blog!

On Spam again….

Yet another spam comment has been stopped in its tracks by the trusty spam filter.  A spam comment has been blocked yet there has been no further viewing of the site.  So, this leads me to ponder on the how and why of the spamming in comments action….is there some little geek out there who has written a program that allows all these spam comments to be blasted away willy nilly at any site, whether the perp has viewed the site or not?

I don’t understand why they would waste their time devising such a program when there are much more exciting things out there that they could be doing with their time.

On my more trafficked site I received three suspected spam yesterday – all in the same format, they were promoting various forms of online gambling.  They appeared to have all sourced from the same culprit as their style and form was identical except for the game they promoted.

Get over it, geeks…. you are consigned to the trash!