…. and now there are three.

My “Wordless Wednesday” post this week was one of my favourite pictures of my daughter and her husband. When I scheduled that post to appear, I was getting organised to head off to town to be near  them both as it appeared that she was going to deliver her first baby early.

It was quite a funny feeling – this being my first grandchild.  I wasn’t sure whether I was excited, nervous or what?

In some ways it’s a blessing that you can schedule posts in advance on this blogging platform, because that  grandchild had arrived by Wednesday and, by then,  I was far more interested in getting to meet her and to see that my daughter was okay rather than writing blog posts.

It was a joy and delight to be able to sit down to my computer (when the dust had settled a bit) and add a brand new name  and another generation to the family tree on my genealogy software, Reunion.

Welcome, Granddaughter.




There’s lots of things that warrant an anniversary celebration or recognition. The last thing I expected to be celebrating was the anniversary of my blogging with WordPress!

WordPress seemed to think it was worth noting I had been playing about on their platform for 8 years…. I could have sworn I had been here longer than that as it seems like centuries ago that I took this step, but that’s what they are telling me!



I know when I started out in blogging land, I was a novice at dealing with anything that required any knowledge of the way websites or blogging platforms worked – it was a whole new way of using language and foreign languages weren’t ever my strong point.  I learned by experimentation – and by not being afraid to make mistakes.  I learned that WordPress had a feel about it that was Mac friendly and that was a definite bonus!

I learned a whole new level of frustration when I couldn’t make things do what I wanted them to do – but I persisted.  I don’t profess to know a lot but I do know enough to be able to help others like myself into this wonderful way of writing, of connecting with people, with self publishing, experimenting with images, recording journeys and learning.

Yes, still learning – its a great way to learn about yourself as well as what the world has to offer.

Here’s to another 8 years!


Unsolicited Advertising

I am aware that WordPress uses content appropriate text only advertising on blogs where the owner has elected to go with the free ‘no frills’ version.  I appreciate that this is how revenue is raised to keep the service free. I believe the advertisements are supposed to appear where the blog is generating traffic of a level high enough to warrant their use.

Imagine my surprise when I used a different browser from normal and without logging into WordPress first,  to show someone the blog on which I was working.  There on the front page – taking nearly half the screen space –  was a pair of video advertisements with most inappropriate half clothed women on show. This was something I didn’t find in the least “content appropriate”  nor was it at all suitable when I was planning on using this blog as demonstration example at a forthcoming workshop on social media!

I am not interested, at this stage, in site traffic so have not put any energy into promoting the blog.  I am still uploading content that will appear as fixed pages rather than working on a series of regular posts. The blog itself barely rates a blip on the radar when it comes to viewing stats – yet this style of advertising rates alongside unsolicited emails (and comments) promoting Viagra, penis enlargement and sexually explicit dating services! The built in comments spam filter Akismet removes this sort of crap yet apparently someone thinks its ok for unsolicited sexually explicit video ads.

Not happy, Jan!

I am just cross with myself for not thinking quickly enough to take a screen shot so the matter could be effectively reported.  I am now considering investing in the $30 per year ad free version on offer – that was, until I read WordPress’ advertising policy again. The phrase “TEXT ONLY” leapt out at me. These advertisements on my blog were full colour picture /video adverts….way outside the parameters of the WordPress policy, it seems. I don’t believe what appeared on my blog was within the terms and therefore I shouldn’t have to pay to remove something that shouldn’t be there in the first place!

Going away now to consider the next move.